We start from your ideas, your projects, your insight, whether they are technical drawings for industrial products or the layout for a contract project. During the first stage, the measurements, materials, finishes and information about what you want to create are organized. Furthermore, our organization’s young architects and designers can also help bring a project to life from an original idea sketched on blank paper.


State of the art technology and our expertise make for rapid photo realistic visualization of your products. A 3D model of the piece or composition allows you to evaluate volumes, colour, materials and upholstery more effectively. Photo realistic design streamlines the production, review and communication processes.


We design and create the setting with styling and a choice of accessories that define and show off the piece at its best. Our expertise in photographic lighting, advice from our architects and the art director’s creative input with regard to colours and textures mean each and every product is communicated in a unique way, in line with the corporate image.

Why choose 3D of Studio Target

  • A versatile team: multiple professional figures contribute to the creation of each image (art director, graphic designer, render designer, 3D modeler, product designer, director of photography and lights, art-buyer, stylist)
  • Enhancement of light: the director of photography takes care of the lighting for a perfect enhancement of the scene.
  • Advanced technologies: render farm and internal photolithography systems guarantee speed and fidelity of finishes and colors in the printing phase.
  • A 3D image can be the starting point for developing effective and aimed communication strategies.

Catalogs, p.o.p. materials

Describe your products through catalogs, brochure, and dedicated materials for your dealer and your clients. Create the storytelling of your brand and transfer an emotion through a winning creativity.

Stand around

The Interactive and virtual 3D showroom. A new way to show your store or to present your collection.

3D for Real Estate Agency

Provide to your sale team or clients a tool to explore an home from different perspectives. Make your project alive.

360 Configurator

Give the opportunity to your client to interact with the product: possibility to move and rotate, change finishes and configuration to make it suitable for his needs.

Video 3D

CGI 3D animations allows you to move in space, transform products and infinitely expand the possibilities of enhancing every detail, from all points of view.

Web, SEO, ecommerce

Increase your online presence by creating immersive contents for your website. Plan your marketing and sale strategy directly online.