Creativity wave

Visual communication is our passion, and coming up with a creative idea, developing the project and overseeing its implementation are our goals. We create logos, coordinated images, company profiles, packaging, P.O.P. materials, adv campaigns, O.O.H. materials, leaflets, catalogues and brochures.

What do we do?

Creation of logos
3D catalogs, brochure and corporate communications
corporate identity, headed paper, envelopes, business cards
design and production of packaging, labels and boxes
POP Material
3D design and graphic design for trade-show stand and store

Style's details

Realizing an emotional image, enhance lights and choose the right perspective, creating a correct layout, choosing a suitable font and the best copy. Developing an accurate graphic project to create the harmony in the space: calibrated colors, perfect shades refined by accurate color testing. We constantly invest in the research of new materials and innovative solutions to be always updated and offer the highest quality. We work in synergy with our clients to make their ideas become reality.

Brand Value

Sometime important brand and beautiful products are suffocated from ineffective communication. Our main objective is to promote, in the best way, your brand and your products by proposing coherent and focused strategies, suitable visuals useful to support a new image, impressive slogan and innovative solutions that bring your business in the future.

1. Communication studio brand and visual

2. Coordinated image, brochure, catalogs, website restyling, social media

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3. Concept, graphic layout for stand, exhibitions and shops.