3D Rendering

Over the years Studio Target have refined the techniques of modeling to create photorealistic rendering. Our photographic experience give us the ability to take care of the lights and decide the best type of shot to make the image realistic in all its details. The natural wrinkles of the pillow, the thickness of the stitchings, the reflection of the velvet.

he new generation technologies as our 3D scanner for texture and our internal render farm give us the possibility to have a fast visualization of the 3D image. Furthermore our 3D projects are the starting point for the developing of digital contents. From a 3D image, in fact, we are able to create 3D video animation, 360 degree photos of the products and many over things.


1. 配合一流的技术水平,我们的 专家能够快速制作出真实感极强 的产品图片。工件或者整体的3D 模型图,实现对产品的体积, 颜色,材质,以及配件的高效评 估;逼真的产品图片,实现对生 产线的审查和交流的过程。


2. 我们的设计,风格定位,以及配件的选择,使得贵产品能表现出最完美的状态。


3. 我们会从你的想法,你的产品以及你的思维出发,产品技术图纸或者是项目方案。在第一阶段,我们会整合你提供的信息,尺寸,材质等等。 此外,我们团队中年轻的设计师和工程师也能仅仅凭借你的原始草图,制作成品。

Why choose 3D of Studio Target

Catalogs, p.o.p. materials

Describe your products through catalogs, brochure, and dedicated materials for your dealer and your clients. Create the storytelling of your brand and transfer an emotion through a winning creativity.

Stand around

The Interactive and virtual 3D showroom. A new way to show your store or to present your collection.

3D for Real Estate Agency

Provide to your sale team or clients a tool to explore an home from different perspectives. Make your project alive.

360 Configurator

Give the opportunity to your client to interact with the product: possibility to move and rotate, change finishes and configuration to make it suitable for his needs.

Video 3D

CGI 3D animations allows you to move in space, transform products and infinitely expand the possibilities of enhancing every detail, from all points of view.

Web, SEO, ecommerce

Increase your online presence by creating immersive contents for your website. Plan your marketing and sale strategy directly online.